Our mobile Health and Safety App encourages everyone to be more health and safety-conscious.
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Builders Plumbers Painters Gib Stopper Gib Fixer Bricklayers Gardeners Tilers Carpet layers All Trades


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With the Kore
HS solution, we ensure:


Construction sites operating after Coronavirus COVID-19

level 4 is lifted need to ensure they are protecting their workforce

and minimising the risk of spread of infection.


Key cleaning tips
All offices and jobsites should implement additional cleaning

measures of common areas as recommended by the Ministry

of Health and to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.


Cleaning Tools and Equipment
Clean tools and equipment before and after each day’s work

with a disinfectant, concentrating on points of contact such as handles.


Cleaning PPE
Work clothes to be placed in washing machines and clean reusable PPE.



Thanks, kore for all your hard work My husband and I own a small painting business were we employ 5 staff. There are times in our business where we need to be on all jobs and we find this hard to do sometimes, using koreqs.com we have found that staff can easily manage for them self’s any extra work and we have found it a lifesaver where staff can add information photos and even adding measurements saving my husband and I many hours of work, what we like about koreqs.com is that all our staff can use it we are now looking at some of their other products. Thank you Sarah H.
Sarah H.
Thank you Kore for your amazing on the go technology that’s fast and simple.I have complete control over everything as it is all in one place, I have already noticed the savings!
Darren Potter
My Name is Luana an I work for KP Interiors We have Been Using Kore QS for the past 6 months. Kore QS has helped us save so much time and money with their photo feature​.


Mobile View

Kore Projects have also developed a habit of creating just the tools which your business will need.
Rather than coming up with fancy solutions that your business will never use, or holds no special promise for you, we give you just what makes your business work
We stand out in the way we apply our solutions to different scales of businesses – starting from the smallest companies to the largest firms.
Kore Projects has been a canopy holding a set of apps and solutions which are dedicated to solving problems for diverse businesses.





Like the rest of our health and safety app.


Our management panel for admin is extremely easy to use and navigate.
Here the admin is able to view all incoming information and forms that are being filled out by staff.
The management team can manage subscription plans, staff, and contacts and also input forms into the system so staff can view them and read them as necessary.
The admin can send out links to the staff for them to be able to download the link for our mobile view giving everyone health and safety at their fingertips.
This is the quickest and easiest form of health and safety to date.
The admin has all the power in the world to make sure their staff are well-informed and filling out all the necessary forms for health and safety. ‘Bringing people home’

Mobile View

Here is our meeting minutes form that your staff will pull up and fill out on their mobile before the start of that day.
Our forms are simple and all up to date with Health and safety regulations here in New Zealand.
Forms can also be signed when needed, this allows valuable information to be sent straight away without the hassle of paperwork, and these forms can never be lost.

Meeting Minutes forms are very important as they keep your management team up to date on a daily basis.

This information can be saved and archived in PDF just in case it needs to be viewed again.

Your management team can also edit the form when necessary. If the information has been forgotten you have the ability to input data All forms through Kore Health and safety can be saved in a Portable Document File (PDF).

All forms necessary to have on any job site are on your mobile phone Your management team can add and edit forms where necessary according to the job, as not all jobs are the same.


Kore Health and Safety mnagement pannel can be used anywhere anytime. whether it be from your office, while you’re on the road even from the Home.
This Gives Control over your staff and abillity to view all incoming information from wherever you are.


Kore Health and Safety Management pannels are so easy to navigate and to be able to sort out your staff and keep saved files or filled out forms.
Giving you working records that it is all in one place, so you can never lose any forms.
At Kore Health and Safety Management, we make sure to have good control over your staff.
Also, we have an amazing Database that connects with you and get the all information you needed.
The Admin is very powerful and informs that the staff on the importance of filling the necesarry information.

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