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We want New Zealand Covid 19 free

Whether it is your home or business, COVID-19 has disturbed and disrupted almost everything.


Everyone is facing problems.  Not only in protecting themselves and from the perspective of health, but also in terms of work and businesses.


While keeping an eye on current needs and technology. 


Kore Projects has developed Kore Track And Trace which will tackle your booking management problems and make your life easier!
Kore Track And Trace is developed to help you by having an efficient booking system.  Kore Track And Trace is already being used in different organizations around the country. 
Unlike traditional ways of working, we have developed Kore Track And Trace so you no longer need to use pen and paper. 
Every sector has different requirements and operations, but not all of them are working productively and effectively under Covid-19 conditions.
It is important to have such a system that can manage your organization in terms of booking management. 
The construction industry already uses a similar system developed by Kore Projects for managing their sites.


We help people run their businesses easily without worrying about COVID-19.
“ We want to help you with getting your Business back to work “

Kore Booking System 


Who can use our software?

Kore Track And Trace has all the capabilities to let you stand out in the market and manage each and every data entry very well.
Why not explore Kore Track And Trace, which is full of features. It even uses the technology of QR code scanning?
Kore Track And Trace is amazingly easy to use.  There is a very friendly interface and there are many functionalities.
This keeps your staff safe from all emergencies and hazardous situations. Kore Track And Trace encircle a large domain of organizations and companies.
Kore Track And Trace can be used by the following businesses:
●    Real estate Agents
●    Restaurants
●    Bars
●    Clubs
●    Schools
●    Coffee Shops
●    Hairdresser
●    Shops
●    Movie Theater





Helping Coffee Shops

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The Real Estate industry is quite big and different, and requires tons of management and staff

booking tasks.  This is hard to manage on paper.






Helping Real Estate Agent

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Helping Real Estate Agents

Try Now Its Free

Fortunately, we are pleased to tell you that the time has changed and due to technological advancements, you can upgrade
to the Kore Track And Trace system.  Welcome to the new world of booking management systems, based on QR code scanning.


Kore Track And Trace is developed to help your company manage everything more efficiently and safely.


Real Estate Agents need to adopt this booking system technology, not only for a better and safe life but for a managed environment of the company.


There are amazing controls and functionalities in Kore Track And Trace so that you are aware of how and where each and every person is working and reporting.


Admin can send all the files at once, and they can link, manage, and connect, all in one place.  Amazingly helpful and






Helping Coffee Shops

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It is not difficult and dangerous now to manage a coffee shop, as Kore Track And Trace are here to help you.
Kore Track And Trace helps the coffee shop owner to know their people and manage them more efficiently.

Now, no paperwork is required and no need to worry about COVID-19.
Kore Track And Trace is quite simple and easy to use  You just need to scan QR code in front of the shop, walk-in, and
simply walkup scan and filling details.

Kore Track And Trace makes it as simple, as easy, and as user-friendly as possible.




Helping Shops and Stores

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In this era of technology, it is hard to find such a system that helps you manage your booking system and management
more efficiently, and make your life easier.
Kore Track And Trace will revolutionize your way of working and eliminate the paperwork

Scanning QR code in front of the store, walk-in, and simply a walkup scan and filling details. 


Why Choose Us?

Kore Projects are working to spread this advanced system across the country to let different organizations
                                                                                                                                                        improve the way they are working. There are several considerable benefits to using Kore Track And Trace:
                                                                                                                                                               ●    Helps you and your customers to maintain social distancing
                                                                                                                                                               ●    Management tasks such as record management have just got a lot easier, just a few taps away on your
                                                                                                                                                               ●    Kore Projects systems are very efficient and we have been developing the QR code techniques for
                                                                                                                                                                      more than 2 years for different systems.
                                                                                                                                                               ●    Easy to get the application by using your phone and downloading the application form ,and start
                                                                                                                                                                      scanning QR code and filling in details.


Why still use pen-paper when you can use Kore for free?


Management System, the Hub of all information


Kore Track And Trace Management System is not only secure but also efficiently stores and manages your
Kore Track And Trace has been designed in such a way that data flows from QR code to phone and from
phone to management panel, where you can see all details. 
This Covid-19 pandemic has already given you a lot of financial loss, but
not now!  Turn Covid-19 into an opportunity – not a threat.

Kore Track And Trace COVID-19 application will help you re-enter the market
with more firm steps and will help you grow your business more efficiently and
We look forward to working with you with our vision of helping organizations
ace, cope, and even increase business in these pandemic times.
In addition, Kore Track And Trace automates everything makes your life safer
and easier, and lets you perform quick and accurate tasks

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